Tiger Tool designs and manufactures top of the line tools that help mechanics excel at their job. They required engaging videos that would educate potentials on the value of the kit and the purchasing process for selecting the right adapters to do the job. 

We developed a plan to deliver a message focused around efficiency, quality, and durability. We executed a unique look that encompasses the Tiger Tool brand. We produced a suite of videos: 90s, 60s, and 30s to get the most viewership across their social media and promotional platforms. We handled all the creative development, production management, scheduling, directing, and postproduction services.

The suite of videos helped increase the sales of the kit and provides Tiger Tool with engaging content that they can use for 5-10 years as they continue to grow and dominate the heavy duty tool industry.

BVK was a pleasure to work with. Ben Van Kleek understood the importance of upholding the integrity of our brand, and went above and beyond to capture the spirit of our values.

Kevin Scheer
Marketing Manager
Tiger Tool