Tiger Tool designed and manufactured a revolutionary new tool that would help mechanics eliminate injuries and perform the job in minutes instead of hours. The real challenge was how to communicate to potentials the value of the tool when they can just do it the “old” way.

We created a message focused around putting the viewer in the right state of mind. We needed them to think about doing the job in a new way. We would be direct and to the point so our tone would be authentic and relatable. We maintained a darker branded look that would help grab people’s attention as they scroll through their social media feeds. We produced a suite of videos: 90s, 60s, and 30s. This would help get the most views across their social media channels. We handled all the creative development, production management, scheduling, directing, and postproduction services.

These new videos helped mechanics understand the importance of getting the job done safely and accurately. The videos helped increase the sales of the kit and provides Tiger Tool with engaging content that they can use for 5-10 years delivering a strong ROI for years to come.